We take pride in our practice's expertise in and passion for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr Araldi considers cosmetic dentistry to be a perfect marriage between science and art.

Each case is a unique problem-solving opportunity, and the chance to help enhance the life of a patient through the improvement of their smile.

What is cosmetic dentistry? See below for a variety of services and techniques we specialize in.



This is the easiest way to begin enhancing a patient's smile. We do this for people very frequently and have a very reasonably priced bleaching program to make sure patients get results.


Bonded Fillings

One tooth or several, treating cavities, chips, rebuilding teeth, changing the shade of teeth.



Used to treat decay, fix fractures, and to make teeth stronger. Any crown we do will be totally realistic and match the existing teeth.

We can even use multiple crowns to improve a smile, rebuilding teeth and making them brighter.



Used for a single front tooth or for multiple teeth, with veneers we can completely rejuvenate an entire smile and make teeth look better and brighter.

We can plan, create, and deliver a complete smile. A patient can show us a photo of a smile they like, or a photo of their smile from when they were younger, and we can make it a reality for them.



Implants are the perfect cosmetic solution anywhere a tooth is missing or where someone will need to have a bad tooth removed.

We're able to blend an implant right into the natural smile. Nobody will ever know the difference. Implants can also be part of a full-smile solution. 



We also utilize orthodontic tooth movement in order to perfect a smile with tools like Invisalign. For more complex cases we work in partnership with an incredible orthodontic specialist. 

When called for, we can also use orthodontics in combination with veneers, crowns, cosmetic bonded fillings, or implants for the desired result and perfect smile.