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About That Dental Floss Shortage

By on April 10, 2012 in Blog with 1 Comment

I got quite a few comments on this post I wrote a few weeks ago making light of an alleged dental floss shortage.

Turns out the answer is that there actually is one!

I called Johnson and Johnson today to find out why I cannot find any Reach products at Target, Walmart, CVS. They told me to call Reach which I did. They would not answer my question about lack of product availability and told me they are aware there is a shortage and they are endeavoring to get their product out to the market.

I then called my dentist and he called his rep that gives him the little sample packs and she was out of those too!

Goodness! It’s a conspiracy I tell ya.

I was really surprised by this, and certainly would never find a lack of dental floss humorous. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, and more so, thanks for the heavy interest in flossing!

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About the Author: Dr. Daniel Araldi is a cosmetic and general dentist in Saratoga, CA. He has lived in the Santa Clara Valley since 1970, where he still resides with his wife and two sons. .


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  1. Is Johnson & Johnson going to start selling the larger amount of dental -floss- more than 55 Yds. again-& when?

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