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Is Green Always Best?

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green contruction materials san joseThe real estate section of the Washington Post had a recent article stating that more “green” construction materials may not always be the best choice in building a new home.

As an avid environmentalist, this really caught my eye.

“That a product is certified is not a guarantee it will perform,” said Michael Klement, generally regarded as a leading green residential architect in southeast Michigan.

He said he learned this the hard way when paint bearing “a good green credential” failed in a real-world application that fortunately was his own house and not a client’s. The paint didn’t cure properly and 12 years later, it’s still “sticky.”

This gentlemen and other experts noted that a lot of green building materials are hopping on the trend, and the products aren’t quite proven yet. He said he likes to give something five years on the market, which seems about right.

In any case, I thought I would share this. There are similar trends with green products in other industries, as well – always do your research!

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About the Author: Dr. Daniel Araldi is a cosmetic and general dentist in Saratoga, CA. He has lived in the Santa Clara Valley since 1970, where he still resides with his wife and two sons. .


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